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After almost 30 years of books, lectures, experiments, laboratories, and following the “normal” path to learn about life, Yoga came to me.
Body and mind started waking up together and telling me that the best way to learn about life is by living it, is living here and now, wherever that “here” may be. The biggest challenge was to realize this, the second challenge to take control of my life, and the third challenge to say goodbye to family and friends, as I pedlalled off towards Asia from my home in the Basque Country. Almost 5 years have past since then, abandoning prejudices as I open up my sense doors to the real world. I like riding my bike slowly to enjoy every km, smoothly to sense every change, quietly to hear every sound, calmly to grasp every moment. That is also how I like to guide our Yoga practice, to share it with you, so we can grow together.
I took my yoga teacher training in Sri Lanka, where traditional Hatha Yoga embraced me. Later in India, Sivananda-teachers taught me the essence of purity and gratitude; Iyengar-teachers showed me the importance of alignment; and many others infected me with their passion for Yoga.
There is so much to learn. The hardest part for me is to listen to your own body, discover your limits and accept them.
As BKS Iyengar said “…the real importance of the asanas lies in the way they train and discipline the mind… the aim is to conquer the body and makes it a fit vehicle for the Spirit”.
I hope to see you on the mat!


nate (spain)

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