Blazia Lyster


Blazia grew up in the U.S. shuffling between her two parents across country, so home was never about being in one place. She has spent half of the childhood on an airplane and saw this continuous ‘norm’ as an adventure. And so began the journey to explore the world and herself while staying completely in the present moment in order to enjoy life in all its hardships and triumphs.


She wants to share this adventurous journey with you on the mat.  It’s the one thing that sets her soul on fire – the exploration of the self. Blazias’ passion for Yoga is portrayed in each and every class. Each flow she creates is planned due to the needs of each class. She enjoys the freedom that comes with teaching Vinyasa flow and  loves being able to bring through her creativity on the mat.


Blazia has received 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training at the Power of Now Studio in Sanur, Bali, where she specialized in Vinyasa style of Yoga. Her teacher there exemplified the life that she had always dreamed of and showed the importance of the right now. This philosophy changed her life, and now she strives to keep the practice of Yoga mindful and present for “Yoga without mindfulness is just an exercise class.” She is driven by the power of now, being in the moment. Blazia is grounded by that principle and believes that Yoga class should also be fun, exploratory and light-hearted.